An iPhone App That Delivers Booze

Here is a dark scenario: The party is about to start and you forgot to stock up on booze. You are a hair's breadth away from being burned at the stake by angry -- and sober -- party guests. What do you do?! Well, as usual, there's an app for that (for the booze thing, not for the burning stake thing. You are on your own there.)

Introducing Minibar, an iPhone app that lets you order wine and liquor on the fly. A magical, drunk stork will deliver the spirits to your house within sixty minutes. However, no magical, drunk stork will deliver bottles of water, toast and aspirin for the next morning.

The service is only available in New York City for now, but the idea is pretty sound so don't be surprised to see it popping up in other cities before too long. There is no recession for alcoholics, after all.


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