New Orleans Food Truck Unveils King Cake Burger

Mardi Gras isn't just a time to trade beads for cleavage. It's also a time to eat a ton of intensely unhealthy food! After all, what else are you going to give up for Lent if not that? To help you ease into all of that clean living, a NOLA food truck has teamed up with a local bakery to create a burger so unhealthy, your arteries will pick up the saxophone and join a local jazz troupe.

It's a hybrid of the city's famous King Cake and a cheeseburger, appropriately named the King Cake Burger. It comes to us from a food truck called Food Drunk. At first it seems familiar, as it features Angus beef brisket topped with cheddar cheese and then squeezed between a brioche bun. Then, of course, the whole thing gets topped with a boatload of fondant icing glaze and sprinkles. It's dinner, dessert and midnight snack all in one.

If you are into globs of icing on your burger, New Orleans is the place for you, or you could just smear some Betty Crocker on a Bubba Burger.

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