Now There is a Vending Machine That Pops Out Tomatoes

Vending machines are great. Where else can you get a dusty candy bar from 1983 at a truck stop in the middle of the night? On that note, however, most vending tend to have some pretty gross stuff in them. Sure, there have been exceptions, but for the most part it's chips and soda. Now there's a vending machine that pops out fruit.

Japanese food company, and general lycopene enthusiasts,  Kagome are unleashing a vending machine upon the world that dispenses healthful and extremely useful tomatoes. The company says they created the machine to spread pro-tomato awareness and even suggested joggers grab one after a fierce run. As such, it is installed in Tokyo near a popular jogging location. The machine offers two different sizes of tomatoes, a 280-gram bag for 400 yen ($3.80) and a 180-gram bag for 300 yen ($2.80).

This vending machine will be available until late February, at which point the company will find they cannot agree how to pronounce the fruit and just call the whole thing off.

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