Now You Can Eat Dinner Hoisted Two Hundred Feet in the Air

There are some among us that count themselves as daredevils. They think nothing of skydiving from an airplane, riding a rickety roller coaster or eating an entire meal from Taco Bell. How do you take these people out to dinner? You can't sit them down at a regular table. They'll be bored to tears. Thankfully, there is now a service that combines food with death defying stupidity.

Dinner in the Sky is a company that does just that. You sit at a table with your friends and then the entire thing is lifted 50 or so meters into the atmosphere. Note, the table does not raise via complicated and safe machinery. There is nary an elevator in sight. No, the whole thing is pulled up via a giant crane, to satisfy even the most self destructive among us.

Don't worry. Chefs are hoisted up as well so you can be sure to enjoy a delicious meal (which may also be your last.) If you are so inclined, the company also offers the same service for business meetings, weddings and even makeshift Internet cafes.


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