Now It's Getting Ridiculous: Introducing the Doughscuit

Somewhere in this mysterious, grand world of ours there exists a group of food wizards who just love combining stuff. First, they stuffed a donut and a croissant together and created the Cronut, and the people wept with joy. Next, they mashed a bagel with a croissant to create the horribly named Crogel, and the people shrugged with pseudo-joy. Now, they've jumped the yeast-filled shark and created the, uh, Doughscuit. 

It's exactly as it sounds. The Doughscuit is one half donut and one half biscuit. Created in Chicago at Endgrain Restaurant, the flaky and fried delicacies have proven to be a hit. It's not Cronut level, where people are trying to trade in their children for one, but they've certainly kept the eatery more packed than usual.

If you find yourself in the Chicago area anytime soon, pick one up and see what all of the moderate hype is about. Also, do you think there is any way one could pour sausage gravy over these danged things?
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