This Ridiculous App Shames You Into Losing Weight

Dropping a few pounds can be one of life's toughest achievements. Eating pizza is awesome. Not eating pizza is not awesome. People tend to try all of sorts of things in order to lose weight, from fad diets to this bizarre activity called exercise. How far will people go though? Will they rely on a mean app that uses shaming as its primary motivational tool? Yeah. That's an option now.

Introducing Carrot Fit, the self-proclaimed 'judgmental' weight tracking app. It does the usual things a tracker of this sort tend to do, including keeping an eye on your weight, BMI and calories lost. If you  continue to lose weight, all will be hunky-dory. However, if you gain a few pounds, the claws come out. The app's creator says "there is a 74.9% chance" that it will make you cry. The app is two bucks on iTunes.

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