World's Hottest Pizza Could Literally Make Your Tongue Bleed

Pizza is awesome to just about everyone. Fiery hot peppers are awesome to a smaller subsection of crazy people. When these two delicacies intersect, you come up with something that marries the gooey, crunchy birthday party that is pizza with the mouth-numbing madness of something with plenty of Scoville units. A pizza with a few jalapeños is no big deal, but one with enough peppers to melt your jaw off? That's quite a bit rarer.

U.K. based pizzeria,  Little Italy Pizza Company are taking this idea and running with it. They've created what they are claiming is the world's hottest pizza. What's on this beast? "Death by Pizza" contains a sauce made from twenty Trinidad Moruga Scorpion chilies. The sauce is slathered on a regular pizza, kicking up the heat to a whopping 12 million Scoville units.

The pizza is the star of an eating challenge. If you finish it in thirty minutes, and manage not to die, you get a certificate and a whopping forty bucks.


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