Comfort Fest: Most-Comforting Peanut Butter Desserts

Sure, this comfort food classic is fantastic on its own, straight out of the jar, but this versatile snack also pairs perfectly with a surprising number of foods, savory and sweet. Some of its most-celebrated companions include chocolate, banana and even bacon. Here are a few satisfying peanut butter desserts, perfect for toting along to parties or serving at cozy get-togethers with friends and family (though you may not want to share!).

Requiring only 15 minutes of prep work, this no-bake pie combines rich layers of whipped chocolate topping, peanut butter-cream cheese filling and a buttery pretzel crust to amplify the peanut butter’s natural saltiness.


Before preparing these treats, there are some major decisions to be made: regular or chocolate rice cereal, crunchy peanut butter or smooth. Either way, the outcome will be a sweet, savory and sticky blend with just the right amount of crunch. Try substituting other cereals, too, if you have a cupboard full of miscellaneous boxes.

If you’re planning a get-together and need a stunning dessert recipe, look no further. This decadent icebox cake puts peanut butter together with two of its closest sidekicks: chocolate and banana. The peanut butter whipped cream contrasts the chocolate wafer cookies in the most perfect of ways, and the fresh bananas class it all up.

Photo by: Marcus Tullis

Marcus Tullis

These moist, dense bars are a blondie-lover’s dream. Stir some peanuts and chocolate chips into the peanut butter batter for a little crunch. The bars are perfect for a bake sale or as a take-along treat and can also be cut into 1-inch bites for a large party.

Jazz up the classic combination of peanut butter and banana with these quick and easy fritters. Drop spoonfuls of a simple banana-peanut butter batter into hot oil and watch them puff up and become crisp. Don’t forget to prepare the creamy chocolate sauce — it will put this treat over the edge.

Photo by: Marcus Tullis

Marcus Tullis

Most people remember Elvis for his musical prowess, but he was also known for popularizing the sinfully good combination of peanut butter, chocolate, banana and bacon. Don't be surprised by the recipe's small amount of mayonnaise — it will keep the dough especially moist and tender.

Fans of the sweet-and-salty combo should flock to this fudge. With layers of chocolate-pretzel crust, dense peanut butter fudge and silky dark chocolate ganache, this treat defines indulgence, making it one edible gift that’s sure to please the masses.

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