Now Californians Can Get Ice Cream Delivered to Their Door

Sure, life can be beautiful. It can also be a tough, desperate slog. Case in point? Sometimes you want to gobble up an entire pint of organic ice cream but your freezer is empty and your couch is really comfortable. What to do? You can't call and order some because everyone knows ice cream can't handle the climate-based rigors of delivery.

Not so fast. A San Francisco creamery called Three Twins has teamed up with a startup called Ordernear to create an iPhone app that allows for home delivery of scrumptious frozen treats. If you live in or around San Fran you can have pints delivered to your door within 60 minutes of ordering. Each pint will set you back around five bucks.

There is no word on if this app, or something similar, will begin melting hearts in other parts of the country.

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