New Restaurant Will Serve Up Chocolate Fried Chicken

Pretty much everyone loves fried chicken. Pretty much everyone loves chocolate. Why not combine the two into one gigantic franken-dish? Well, perhaps the two flavors go together like oil and water or Netflix and restraint. The potential gross factor is not stopping Adam Fleischman, creator of the popular Umami Burger chain.

It's appropriately named ChocoChicken and, well, it serves chocolate fried chicken. The restaurant hasn't opened yet, so no official reviews have been posted, but the creator says not to worry; it tastes great. He actually said it "tastes like happiness." In other news, there has been no word on if the eatery will serve caramel French fries or ketchup made from red Skittles.

Just like the original Umami Burger, it is set to open in Los Angeles in the near future.

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