Former NYPD Cop to Launch Police and Jail-themed Bar


Photo by: Richard Nelson

Richard Nelson

NYC's best and brightest may not be able to get soused on the job, but as we all know from NYPD Blue, they sure do like to get hammered after their shifts are done. Why should these heroes be forced to go to a bar that doesn't remind them of their day job? Luckily, they won't have to for long.

A retired NYC cop named Stephen Barounis is opening a police-themed bar in midtown Manhattan called the 46th Street Stationhouse. Just how, uh, arresting is this drinking establishment? It comes with its own police car, precinct desk, a commissioner's room and, of course, a jail cell. Now you can keep drinking while in the drunk tank!

The bar, which will open in April, will also serve an array of food which will hopefully be better than what is normally eaten by prisoners. Runny PB&J?! No thanks.

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