Here is an App Dedicated to Bringing You Pizza at 3AM

It all started with fire. Then came the wheel, the printing press and, eventually, tiny computers we keep in our pockets at all times. Technology has advanced throughout the eons following its own secret evolution. Well, now all of you scientists and inventors out there can hang up your Bunsen burners. Technology has peaked. There is now an app whose single-minded purpose is to bring you pizza at all hours of the night.

The appropriately named PizzaTheApp is a marvel of modern design. All you do is open it up, tell it what kind of pizza you want and let it do the rest. It uses an aggregate system to find the highest rated pizza delivery places near you. It orders the pizza. It has the pizza delivered to your door. It even tips the driver three dollars for their trouble. All you have to do is groggily answer the door and then shove that 'za down your gullet.

Now here's the bad news. The app is currently available only to San Francisco residents. So, enjoy your freshly delivered pizzas Uncle Jesse, both Dharma and Greg, and those dudes from Mythbusters.

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