Now You Can Put Bacon in Your Wallet For Anytime Eating

Science has proven, time and time again, that bacon is one of the best foods in the universe. There is one down side to cured pork, however. It's greasy as all get out. This means you can't exactly walk around town as you grab strip out of your front shirt pocket. Well, you could but you'd seem like an oily, somewhat crazy person. Now, thanks to an industrious inventor, that problem may soon be a thing of the past.

Introducing Go Bacon, a super portable bacon product that can actually slip in your wallet between your money and that gigantic wad of gas station receipts. Essentially it's bacon jerky, but the manufacturer says it tastes just like the pan-fried real thing. It's packed in super thin bags weighing in at 1.2 ounces each, which can be stuffed just about anywhere. Use them as bookmarks!

The Go Bacon team has taken to Kickstarter to raise some finishing funds. As of this writing they've raised 87% of their goal.


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