Noms Away: Here's a Restaurant that Delivers Food by Parachute

Long time readers of this blog may remember that food delivery by drone has become something of a thing in the food service industry. However, forget all of that. Drones are so passé. The future is in delivery via parachute.

It's true! A pop-up restaurant in Melbourne, Australia has taken to serving their patrons by letting the grub gently float down to them on the wings of angels. It's called Jafflechutes and here's how it works: You order online and then stand on a giant X that's been marked on the street. The servers attach your meal to a mini-parachute and drop it down to you. As long as it doesn't get caught in an electrical wire or get eaten by a crafty hawk, you'll soon have your grub.

The creators of the concept say they will be taking their show on the road to New York City in May and June of this year.


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