Sifted: Hot Cocoa Cookies, Chocolate-Guinness Waffles + More

By: Patty Lee
5 Hot Links We're Loving:

1. Turn your favorite mug of hot chocolate into a batch of Sweet Pea's Kitchen's soft, chewy hot cocoa cookies, each fittingly topped with a gooey melted marshmallow.

2. Just a Taste brilliantly reinvents the concept of boozy brunch with these chocolate-covered Guinness waffles.

3. Skip the wait at your local dim sum hall this weekend and recreate fluffy  Chinese BBQ pork buns at home with this recipe by  China Sichuan Food.

4. Make the most of citrus season with these bright  blood orange and cinnamon vanilla tarts from Chasing Delicious.

5. We're unabashed fans of the comfort food mash-up, so  Electic Recipes caught our eye with this marriage of a classic French dish with traditional Italian ingredients — the dough-topping trinity of basil, mozzarella and pepperoni — to form a cheesy pizza quiche.

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