The Best Irish Dishes You Can Make at Home

Have you ever tasted something that flooded you with memories, transporting you to a different place and time? Around St. Patrick’s Day, I’m often reminded of some of the tasty Irish food I tried during my adventurous travels filming for my ulive series, Travel Like the Locals with Darley. I’ve been lucky to visit Ireland a few times and try many of the classic dishes that Irish cooks and Irish families have come to love.

If St. Paddy’s Day has you in the mood to cook or you’re just dreaming of Ireland, celebrate with one or more of these simple and tasty Irish recipes that you can make at home! If you’re feeling particularly inspired, make them all together for a complete St. Paddy’s feast.

Irish Soda Bread (pictured above) Simple and tasty, this quick bread is inexpensive and goes with any meal. You’ll find it in pubs and restaurants throughout Ireland.

Irish Stew I had the best Irish stew at a popular, local pub outside of Carlingford, a charming waterside village on the lesser visited Cooley Peninsula. Irish stew is rather filling, especially when served with a pint of Guinness!

Corned Beef and Cabbage Believe it or not, this uber-traditional St. Patrick’s Day dish has controversial origins, often considered more American than Irish. Produced in mass quantities for export in Cork, Ireland, from the 1600’s to the early 1800’s, it's a staple on most menus at Irish-American pubs in the USA these days, and on some menus in Ireland. To add a bit of zest, serve with whole-grain mustard or horseradish sauce.

Irish Coffee This celebratory coffee drink is especially good as an after dinner drink. Strong coffee with a whisper of sugar and topped with refreshing whipped cream, this drink is also a good after St. Patrick’s Day hangover cure.

Darley Newman is the globe-trotting host and producer of Travel Like the Locals with Darley on and the Emmy-winning Equitrekking series on PBS.

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