This App Sends You Surprise Food Deliveries

In the last couple of years, online food delivery has taken a big swing for the ubiquitous. Grubhub, Seamless, Delivery.  The list goes on and on. However, all of these services have one annoying thing in common. They all let you actually choose what you want to eat. Where's the fun in that? Finally, there's a new app that gets that sometimes people just want to have random, potentially inedible, food delivered to their doorsteps!

Introducing the appropriately named Surprise Me. All you do is head to the website, tell them where you live and how many people need to eat and let them do the rest. Before too long, you'll be enjoying (or not) a surprise batch of food that has been delivered to your doorstep.

Also, don't worry. If you are deathly allergic to a particular type of food you can suggest that it not be considered for a surprise delivery.

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