25 Ways to Use Matzo

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Have you already run out of Passover-friendly meals and never want to see another piece of brisket again? (Okay, maybe just one more slice). To help you avoid the Passover food rut and the twice-a-day matzo pizza, we’ve gathered recipes to fill your 8 days of unleavened bread. Because you can really only eat so much matzo ball soup before becoming an actual matzo ball.

  1. Matzo Brei is a mix between French toast and scrambled eggs in the best sort of way. You can go sweet and add some cinnamon and sugar while you scramble, or go savory with Matzo Brei with Creamed Spinach and Crispy Onions.
  2. Up the ante in the search for the afikomen, a game played during the Passover Seder, by hiding Chocolate Coconut Matzo Bark (pictured above) instead of a plain piece of matzo.
  3. Matzo meal, finely crushed pieces of matzo, is a game-changer during Passover. Although pretty bland on its own, matzo meal is the base for delicious dishes like Matzo Apple Tea Cakes.
  4. Matzo farfel is a Passover-friendly egg pasta dough (often sold pre-made) that is mainly used in kugel, soups and side dishes, but it can also be used to make Chocolate Matzo Farfel Haystacks, an easy sweet treat.
  5. These ain’t your grandmas' matzo ball soup recipes: Bobby Flay adds flair to Throwdown’s Matzo Ball Soup with the addition of jalapenos. You can also go the mushroom route with Truffled, Shiitake Matzo Ball Soup and gribenes, the kosher version of pork rinds. Alternatively, Sephardic Chicken Soup with Sofrito and Herbed Matzo Balls give matzo balls a saffron makeover.
  6. If you have yet to master the matzo ball, try out Ron Ben-Israel’s purist Chicken Soup with Matzo Balls. Making your own chicken stock leaves you not only with a delicious stock and tons of meat for shredding into the soup, but also shmaltz (aka chicken fat or matzo gold) to make the best matzo balls.
  7. Although not actually kosher for Passover, Lower East Side Nut Cake is a delicious way to use up the last few scoops of matzo meal when the holiday is over.
  1. Whipped eggs act as a stabilizer for the Seven Layer Cake For Passover, which will leave the cake light and fluffy, while the poppy-buttercream icing will keep guests coming back for more.
  2. The battle between shoe-string and mashed latkes wages on.
  3. If those plain latkes just aren’t cutting it anymore, try out Potato Jalapeno Latkes with Horseradish Crema.
  4. Cholent, a stew of beans and meat (this one is chicken, veal and beef kielbasa with matzo balls), is one of the original slow-cooked meals, traditionally made a day in advance for lunch on the Sabbath, but great every day.
  5. We're normally a little wary of kosher for Passover cakes, but Food Network Kitchen really nailed the moist, spongy Matzo Red Velvet Cake. The secret is matzo cake meal -- it’s matzo meal, but finely ground to almost a powder. No matzo cake meal on hand? Process standard matzo meal in a food processor until it reaches a powder-like consistency.
  6. Lemon-Coconut Matzo Jelly Roll is like a giant jelly-filled coconut macaroon. Enough said.
  7. Use small pieces of matzo as the base for bruschetta instead of leavened bread; check out a few examples here. We know; mind blown.
  8. Potato starch is another staple throughout Passover. It’s a thickener for gravy and a stabilizer for cakes and other baked goods. Try out this simple Passover Cobbler recipe, utilizing whatever fruits are readily available, and see potato starch in action.
  9. Lemon Sponge Cake with Glazed Strawberries proves how far we’ve come in kosher for Passover treats-- gummy fruit slices, I'm looking at you.
  10. Try matzo lasagna two ways: Emeril’s traditional Mediterranean Matzo Lasagna and the slightly sweet and cinnamon-flavored Sephardic Meat and Eggplant Lasagna.
  11. Ground almonds, also known as almond meal or flour, help create the crumbly topping for Passover Fruit Crisp with Coco-Loconut Topping.
  12. Chocolate Walnut Torte features a fudgey center and a chocolate-coffee frosting. This cake keeps well in the freezer -- make it the day before you want to eat it and bring to room temp an hour before serving.
  13. Much like the ramen burger warmed our souls and filled our bellies, Jeff Mauro’s Latke Corned Beef Sandwich with Apple and Sour Cream Slaw solves The Great Sandwich Dilemma from Passovers past. To keep it kosher this week, swap out the flour for a combo of potato starch and matzo cake meal.
  14. It’s brunch; it’s dessert; it’s ... Creamy Matzo-Apple Kugel!
  15. In case you were wondering, matzo meal is a near-perfect sub for breadcrumbs in Garlic Potato Gratin.
  16. What happens when you smush your matzo balls into flat disks? Deliciousness, also known as Red-Wine Braised Beef Brisket with Horseradish Sauce and Aunt Rifka’s Flying Disks.
  17. Gleist Matzos are run under water and moistened with an onion-egg mixture before frying, which leaves them pliable and ready to be stuffed with almost anything.
  18. Take your usual Passover brisket game to a new level with easy homemade matzo tortillas in Tacos de Brisket. Braise the brisket in kosher for Passover beer (yes, it exists) or sub with beef stock.
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