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While bloggers have the Internet food market not just covered but smothered, and professional food photographers drizzle blood, sweat and tears over each shot, the little corner of the Internet known as Instagram is turning cell phone photos of food into works of art. But a Hudson filter and some fancy framing do not food porn make. It takes skill, patience and excellent captioning skillz to attract the fickle foodie masses

We’ve rounded up a few of our very favorites in the world of Instagram food-photo fame, so you have a place to start your stomach growling. You’ll find no Cooking For Bae shots here (warning: link not for the faint of stomach), just good, old-fashioned, stunning food photos.


Watch the above video from Bev Cook’s popular food blog and you’ll see why we’ve put being friends with her on our foodie bucket list (that’s a thing we just made up, but we’re going with it). Smart, witty, a skilled photographer and, oh yeah, a great cook, Bev’s Instagram is a peek into her charming life that — bonus — now includes an incredibly adorable set of brand-new twin babies. We’re not sure what we want to eat more, her delicious-looking food or all 20 of those babies' tiny toes.

A longtime staple in the LA food scene with her website, Caroline on Crack, Caroline Pardilla knows good food, and knows where to get it. You don’t need to be an Angeleno to enjoy her gorgeous Instagram, though, as any avid fan of food porn will appreciate the lengths she goes to in order to get the perfect shots of the plethora of dishes and drinks she dines out on. Caroline has perfected the oh-so-delicate and flash-bulb-fearing art of food photography and cocktail capturing, and rounds it out with a few shots of her adorable pit bull for good measure.

Darling, lovely Aida. Yes, she’s a fellow Cooking Channel TV host, but she’s also a seasoned chef, talented writer, cookbook author and, we can tell you from personal experience, an incredibly nice person. Her Instagram is everything you’d expect from someone with that resume, and her casual, conversational style belies some incredible, drool-worthy food pics.

This one is a bit of a curveball. We found her Instagram during one of those late-night searches when you can’t fall asleep, but your friend feed has run out. Aum_Napat was on the Instagram “explore” page and we clicked...and then fell into a black hole of watching her quick-food-prep videos till dawn. Granted, some of the food is a little questionable, but the stuff this girl can do with sliced white bread, eggs and hot dogs alone is worthy of a follow. One thing’s for sure: This Bangkok-based beauty has the 15-second food-video format down pat.

Stay tuned for round 2, and don’t forget to tell us your favorite food ‘grammers in the comments!

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