Someone Invented a Fork That Makes Food Taste Better

What are you to do if the extent of your cooking knowledge rhymes with the words 'shmamen shmoodles?' Learning to cook is hard, but it sure would be nice to experience tasty home-cooked meals. Forget upping your skill level. Just trick your brain into thinking the slop you create is delicious instead. That's what this nifty fork does.

The enthusiastically capitalized AROMAFORK uses the common wisdom that smell enhances flavor to, well, do just that. A capsule of "liquid aroma" sits underneath the end of the fork and, with each bite you take, releases some of its pungent payload. The end result? Your brain is tricked into thinking the additional smells translate into beaucoup deliciousness. If only they had this during the days of Charles Dickens.

You can pre-order your own, ahem, AROMAFORK right now by plunking down $60. That'll get you four forks and four different types of liquid aroma.

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