Lose Weight With Bacon and Gravy Shakes?

The battle to lose weight is a costly one indeed, both figuratively in that it takes up a lot of mental energy but also literally as there are a lot of expensive products out there that claim to be a golden ticket. Well, these weight loss shakes come with one key difference: These taste like bacon and gravy.

Introducing Seattle's J&D Foods and their astounding BaconTrim and GravyTrim shake systems. Worried that your new diet plan will make you cut back on your daily intake of gravy? Never fear! Now you can shed the pounds with J&D's "Brown Gravy" flavor. Also on the delicious docket, there's a "Chocolate Bacon" flavor, for those times when neither chocolate nor bacon are quite enough to quench the lustful rage in your gullet.

Also, the same company just released a gravy-flavored seasoning appropriately named "It's All Gravy" because, well, why the hell not. Maybe gravy salt will be the next big thing.

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