South African Restaurant Has Small Studio Just for Food Snapshots

It wasn't so long ago that taking a picture of food seemed almost ridiculous. Waste an entire shot on that? Well, now that everyone in the world has a high-powered digital camera in their pocket, the idea no longer seems so ridiculous. As a matter of fact, a good portion of the photos posted to sharing sites such as Instagram are food related. Unfortunately, most of them look like crap. One South African restaurant is trying to change all of that.

El Burro restaurant in Cape Town has just unveiled their #Dinnercam. The hashtag is part of the name because, well, the Internet. This machine is designed to give your food the perfect lighting for photographs. You pop it in, set the lighting and snap a pic. The results should not resemble anything like stale off-colored mush. Diners are then encouraged to share the hashtag to receive a free print of their photo. You may be scoffing at the idea of owning a print photo of a burrito but, hey, that actually sounds kind of cool.

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