Spring Fest: 5 Kid-Friendly Cupcakes

By: Emily Lee

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Photo by: Philip Ficks ©2011, Philip Ficks

Philip Ficks, 2011, Philip Ficks

Cupcakes, when you get down to it, are just cakes sized for kids. And some of the best cupcake flavors — including strawberry — are at their peak in spring. Give in to sweet temptation with these spring cupcake recipes that appeal to kids of all ages. A few are even decorated with seasonal, floral accents, making them ideal for a spring garden party.

Perfect for a spring party or birthday celebration, these cupcakes hold an unexpected burst of strawberry frosting inside, not just on top. The inviting pink hue is all natural — the jewel-colored berries mean that no food coloring is needed.

Celebrate spring blossoms with these festive lavender-frosted cupcakes. The recipe for these brightly colored sweets, which are pretty as a lilac bouquet, swirls lavender icing over tangy tangerine cakes to balance the floral flavor.

3. Raspberry Cream Cupcakes (pictured above)

Springtime baking is actually an excellent chance to sneak some berries into the kids’ diets. Follow Giada’s lead by sandwiching a generous dollop of raspberry whipped cream between the base and the severed top of each cupcake. While you’re whipping the cream, have the kids get started on mashing the berries.

These tiny cupcakes look made for tiny hands. The bright-pink strawberry glaze is less messy than traditional frosting and much easier to make. Simply puree some fresh strawberries in a food processor or blender, then combine with powdered sugar and whisk until the mixture is smooth.

These sunny little lemon cakes are an excellent afternoon project for little ones. When it comes to the frosting, there’s no piping bag involved, so let them pile on the buttery icing. To add a special touch, you can top the cakes with crystallized flowers.

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