The Concept Restaurant of the Future is Chockfull of High Tech Goodies

The future comes slowly when it comes to restaurants. After all, eating out offers essentially the same experience as it did fifty or a hundred years ago. What has changed, besides those pagers that let us know when a table is ready? Not a whole lot. That could be changing, however, if this concept restaurant of the future has anything to say about it.

A concept restaurant in Tokyo is riding high on the future, with all manner of affiliated gadgets. Eggcellent, an egg-based eatery, is outfitted with Google's VR headset Glass, Bluetooth hookups for ordering and paying, customer face identification and even avatars. That's not all. The restaurant also features touch-screen tables, augmented reality applications and, oddly, a holographic waitress that floats amidst clouds in the ceiling. Cool!

Of course, this being a concept restaurant you aren't going to experience any of this cool stuff anytime soon. Oh well. At least the future is coming.

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