The Creepy Craigslist Ad Pays $175 for Woman-Flavored Ramen

If there's anything the women of this world need, it's more anonymous internet creeps! There are so few of them and, really, a day isn't complete until someone comments on one of your photos telling you to smile more. On that note, here is the champion of internet creeps, a guy who wants to pay ladies to lay in a bathtub filled with ramen noodles.

A Craigslist ad recently popped up that offered $175 to a lovely lady to go to an empty apartment and lay in a bath tub filled with ramen noodles. Why would anyone want that? Why, to give the noodles woman flavoring of course! Sometimes those sodium-filled chicken packets aren't enough. The deal is that this purveyor of perverted pasta won't be home when the act occurs. He just wants to dig in to the noodles after wards.

Also, of course, the ad requests that the sexy soaker not bring any sauce. He'll do that before eating. Duh.

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