This Sandwich Shop Hasn't Taken Out the Trash in Two Years

As we all know, human beings create a whole lot of garbage. Much of that trash, actually, comes from eating. Everything we buy has a box that needs to be thrown away, as well as the waste of the food items themselves (egg shells, etc.) This waste production increases exponentially when you throw a restaurant into the mix. However, one restaurant has managed to go completely, one-hundred percent waste free.

Chicago's Sandwich Me In hasn't taken the trash out in two years, due to the fact that there isn't any. "A place for everything and everything in its place" is the credo here. The restaurant runs on sustainable energy and the food is locally sourced and delivered in minimal packaging. This goes double when it comes to the food itself. Every part of each ingredient is used and not thrown away. The chicken bones become broth and the skin is crisped and added to salads.

However, it's not completely trash free. They have managed to create approximately eight gallons of garbage, in two years. The owner says it is primarily made of stuff coming from outside, Starbucks cups and the like.

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