Unexpected, Awesome Easter Treats

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Does a tiny foil-wrapped chocolate egg just not do it for you on Easter morning? Here are some offbeat, awesome Easter treats actually worth the hunt this Sunday morning.

In the (admittedly rewritten) words of Cool Hand Luke, “I don’t care if it rains or freezes, long as I have my chocolate Jesus.” Though perhaps not for the most humorless Easter observers, this gilded four-inch edible icon ($14.40) from mouth.com is a refreshing update to the standard chocolate chick. There’s also a chocolate Moses if you prefer your edible action figures in pairs. (Available for overnight shipping through the end of the week.)

Like an Easter-approved s’more, these ($5) treats from Los Angeles’ Compartes Chocolate are neon-colored Peeps dunked into a blanket of milk or dark chocolate. Sold in pairs (and available through the end of the month), the bright rainbow bunnies look like they’re wearing chocolate jumpsuits. For traditionalists, the chocolate eggs — which are filled with honey-drizzled peanut butter — are awesome enough to inspire fights between customers when supplies run low. We've been known to order them by the dozen.

When is a hollow chocolate Easter bunny better than a solid chocolate bunny? We’ll say it’s when the hollow inside is packed with popping candy. Southern California chocolatier Chuao fills two milk chocolate bunnies ($7.95) with an all-natural take on Pop Rocks to keep things interesting. Just don’t pair with them soda.

Why should baby chicks and bunnies get all the chocolate loving on Easter? Oregon’s Moonstruck Chocolate Co makes an entire menagerie of chocolate critters ($15), including a milk chocolate pony, a toffee pig, a bittersweet lamb and a Holstein cow, each hand-decorated and hilariously unexpected when it comes Easter-centric baby animals.

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