App Lets You Buy Soon-To-Be-Discarded Food

It's no secret that the food industry -- grocery stores in particular -- throw away a boatload of edible grub. Sometimes this is because of excess food that won't sell. Sometimes this is because the food they do have is set to expire. Sometimes this is because wasting stuff is the American way goshdarnit. Whatever the reason, the country's dumpsters end up filled to the brim with quality foodstuffs. Now there is an app that lets you get to said foodstuffs before that happens.

PareUp, currently available as a web application, is making deals with grocery stores and restaurants to sell consumers the food they'd otherwise throw away. Most of the stock ends up being sold at a deep discount, so it's a win/win for everyone involved, except the dumpsters (luckily they have yet to achieve sentience.)

The service is currently only available in New York City, but one imagines it will be quick to catch on. Let the reign of the dumpster diver come to a swift and brutal conclusion.


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