These Cookies Purport to Increase Bust Size

Even during lean economic times, there is one genre of medicine that is always in demand: plastic surgery. People often don't like the way they look and they are willing to do just about anything to change said look. What if they didn't have to go under the knife to increase some of their more embarrassing dimensions? What if they could just eat a whole bunch of cookies?

A Japanese cookie manufacturer is claiming just that. Their awkwardly named F-Cup cookies are said to, quite obviously, increase bust size. Now you can forgo all of that silicone and succumb to all of that sugar. These cookies are filled with Pueraria Mirifica, a plant filled to the brim with estrogen. They are available in in both Soy Milk and Pralines & Chocolate flavors.

Also, it must be noted that there is absolutely zero proof that these cookies will increase bust size so you should probably stick to the classic chocolate chip cookie.

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