Dole Japan is Selling Fancy Bananas For Six Bucks

Bananas -- otherwise known as nature's candy -- are awesome. They truly kick up cereal and pancakes up a considerable notch. Another great thing about nanners? They are cheap, clocking in at around 15 cents. However, why spend 15 cents when you could spend six dollars?

That's what you can do if you absolutely hate holding on to your money. Dole japan has just presented a mega-fancy six dollar banana. It's not any old banana, though. These bad boys are specially grown to be the sweetest, most delicious bananas money can buy. They are also sold in a collector's case so you can, uh, show it off or something.

These collector's edition bananas are only available for a limited time and supplies are scarce. Once the cased editions sell out, Dole will still sell the bananas without all of the fancy accouterments.

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