Hump Day Snack: Happy National Hamburger Day!

By: Allison Milam

In honor of today, National Hamburger Day, we must reflect on the perfection that is the patty. Life would be so very different without the burger. Would we still have drive-throughs? What would we cook out? WHERE WOULD AMERICA BE? So dedicate your dinner to the trusty burger. Or if your eyes are bigger than your stomach, try ogling this most gargantuan burger. The towering Pie-Scraper from Eater’s Eating Emporium in Lancashire, England comes in at 5’4’’ tall with 8.5 kilograms of beef. If you have 30,000 calories to spare — and a hankering for something as tall as the average woman — this one’s for you.

Cook up burgers on a smaller scale at home with recipes from Cooking Channel:

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