Las Vegas Restaurant Throws Entire Lobster in Bowls of Pho

Las Vegas is known for dropping the hammer on excess. The phrase "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" no doubt refers to the 4,000 calories you managed to put away at the buffet in one sitting. A new Vietnamese eatery in the city of sin has just managed somehow to raise even that bar.

District One Kitchen and Bar is a veritable cornucopia of Vietnamese delicacies, with a Vegas twist. For instance, they sell a bowl of pho that contains the contents of an entire Maine lobster. You read that right. An entire Maine lobster inside of a bowl of soup. This is probably sort of what heaven is like. The only downside -- being as how lobster isn't cheap -- is that a bowl of the good stuff will set you back anywhere from $30-$40 depending on market price.

Incidentally, they also have something called "boner" soup, which consists of bone marrow and other ingredients arranged so they look like ... well, you get the idea.

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