Welcome Our New Robot Overlords with the PancakeBot

It's no secret that soon we'll be surrounded by more robots than a green screen run through of a George Lucas movie. Some of these robots will make our lives better. Some of these robots will take over the planet in an attempt to protect us from ourselves. Only one of these robots, however, makes really cool looking pancakes.

Introducing PancakeBot, a creation by designer  Miguel Valenzuela. The PancakeBot is a bot like no other, as it uses its bot powers to make intricately designed pancakes. It's essentially a 3D printer that uses delicious pancake batter instead of industrial grade plastic. It started simple enough, originally being made out of LEGO blocks. Now it's the real deal. It can make pancakes resembling anything your imagination can cook up, from the Eiffel Tower to elaborate scenes from the Wild West. It's too bad these works of art exist just to be eaten with great gusto.

The PancakeBot showed off its stuff at last weekend's Bay Area Maker Faire. There has been no word as to when consumers could get their butter-soaked hands on this cool little gizmo.

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