Now There is a Protein Powder Made From Bugs

Everyone wants to be fitter, healthier and more mentally sane. "Sound of body. Sound of body," your enlightened workout buddy is want to say. To that end, people are prepared to go to extreme lengths in order to achieve some level of mythical perfection. Weird pills? Yeah, they'll get swallowed. Ridiculous fad diets? They'll get followed. Protein powders made entirely out of crushed up bugs? Yeah, it'll get eaten.

That's right. There is now such a thing as bug-based protein powder. The appropriately named BugMuscle is set to send gym rats scurrying for the cracks between the kitchen cupboards. On paper, it's not a bad idea. After all, bugs are chock full protein -- even more than beef. However, in reality, who wants to make a protein shake made out of ground up bugs?

In any event, it'll be available this fall and is being advertised to the mixed martial arts and and bodybuilding communities. The inventor of the product also suggests his insect powder would also be quite beneficial sprinkled on meals. Uh, yeah.

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