This Ancient Japanese Castle Doubles as a Coffee and Pastry Shop

Aside from a large bath tub or two, new construction is usually not that impressive. In the days of antiquity, however, marvelous castles were commonplace. Japan is one of the oldest civilizations around, so they have a whole lot of those marvelous and crumbling castles lurking about. Here's one that doubles as a swank coffee shop.

Daibosatsu Toge, located in Anan City, hasn't been a functioning castle since the Middle Ages. It has, however, been a functioning cafe and restaurant for the past forty years. It's covered in ivy, and bricks are liable to fall off at any moment. In other words, it's the perfect place to while the day away as you sip coffee. They also offer a full range of food, from crepes to ice cream and baked goods.

RocketNews recently did a pretty in depth write up on the place, so if you are hankering for more pictures of this ancient java spot, point ye olde web browser over there.


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