This Machine Lets You Print and Eat Your Own Customized Fruit


Fruit and veggies are pretty good; there is no denying that. However, what are you supposed to do once you've eaten them all? Eat them all over again? No way! There needs to be an endless procession of brand new fruits just like there is an endless procession of stuff to read on the Internet. Luckily, technology may just have you covered on that front. Now there's a way to create your very own customized fruit.

It's no secret that 3D printers are working to change the way we eat. A UK company called Dovetailed has created a new kind of 3D printer that creates new kinds of fruit on demand. The printer uses a molecular gastronomy technique called spherification, which creates tiny edible spheres filled with fruit juice. These spheres can then be combined in way you see fit, creating something like a boring old apple or some kind of bizarre apple-raspberry-pomegranate hybrid.

This technology is still a ways off from being adopted by mainstream culture, but its still fun to think about gorging on some franken-fruit.


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