This Soul Food Burrito Contains Mac and Cheese and Collard Greens

If you were to think on what two awesome foods would be even more awesome combined, what would come to mind? Certainly some sort of donut cake and maybe a meatloaf lasagna or two. What about burritos and soul food? Yeah. That'll do. That'll do quite nicely.

One San Francisco taqueria just made soul food burritos a reality, with their limited-time offering of a burrito stuffed to the brim with both steak and -- wait for it -- macaroni and cheese. It was concocted as a collaboration between two San Francisco main stays, Papalote taqueria and Picadilly Restaurant. Mac and cheese is also just the beginning. This 'Soulrrito' is also filled with yams, collard greens and, of course, spicy salsa. Yum.

Unfortunately, this was on sale for one day only, this past weekend. Let's hope it becomes a yearly event, sort of like the McRib only actually tasting good.

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