Travel the World Tasting Booze For Only $1.3 Million

Most of the world spends their weekends sipping on "regular" booze. This includes Trader Joe's wine, cans of beer that are cold activated and, of course, the ever-revolving world of well cocktails. However, the mega-rich imbibe only the finest spirits, as they are want to do. Now those same mega-rich can drop a million or so on a romantic world-wide getaway to taste the planet's rarest and most expensive alcoholic beverages.

A British travel agency called holidaysplease has just unveiled their Ultimate Drink Connoisseur’s Holiday package. It costs 1.3 million buckaroos and will jettison you and someone you are trying to impress all over the globe to ten locations to taste a variety of booze. You'll hit New York City for diamond martinis, Australia for cocktails spiked with $166,498 cognac and Scotland for a taste of the world's most expensive whiskey.

Don't worry; you get to spend a couple of days in each location to nurse those magnificently expensive hangovers. Ah, to be rich.

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