Pork, the Other Whiskey-Flavored Meat

As a society, we have not spent nearly enough time feeding animals weird things in order to change their flavor profiles. In other words, if chicken is white meat and pork is the other white meat, then what is pork that has been raised on a steady diet of whiskey? The other white meat that may get you hammered, probably.

In any event, you'll soon be able to find out. Templeton Rye Distillery have begun raising pigs on good ole whiskey in order to create a cut of meat that, well, tastes like whiskey. That's not entirely true. The pigs are being raised on distillery grains in order to impart a sort of "whiskey essence." You'll be able to find out this summer if they succeeded, as the boozy hogs will be available for purchase. You can pre-order your very own drunk pig on their website.

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