World's Most Expensive Donut Features Dom Perignon Jelly

Everyone likes a " world's most expensive" story. Whether it's a cocktail nobody in their right mind would ever order or a burger that costs more than a used car, it's always fun to see how the other half purportedly lives. On that note, here is a dang donut that costs $1685.

The uber-fancy ring of fried dough comes to us from the unlikeliest of places, Krispy Kreme. This popular chain usually sells doughnut at a buck a pop. Their new champagne donut, however, is a jelly-filled beast of another color (green.) First of all, it's filled with Dom Perignon jelly. If that isn't enough on its own, the donut is also covered by edible diamonds(?!) and topped with a 24k gold leaf and gold-dusted white chocolate flowers.

You can't walk into your local Krispy Kreme and demand the Dom Perignon jelly, though. This fancy-pants donut is only available at one London department store and all proceeds go to charity.

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