Domino's Korea Goes Overboard With Cheese Bun Pizza

Fast food pizza chains have something of an obsession with throwing weird stuff inside of crusts. Why use just bread when pockets of cheese, pepperoni or anything else will do? This is just something we've learned to live with, however in other parts of the world this obsession is even more extreme. Case in point: this new pizza from Domino's South Korea.

The Churrasco Cheese Roll is something of a World Cup tie-in, although you wouldn't know it by the ingredients. This pizza features actual cheese buns for the crust (if you can call it that.) The pie is then topped with chimichurri-seasoned steak, mozzarella, gouda, sun-dried tomatoes, mango-habanero sauce, onions, green peppers and mushrooms. Oh yeah. Those cheese buns? They are also filled with bacon.

This bizarre, yet intriguing, mix is available now for the culinary adventurers out there.


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