Frozen Friday: Semifreddo

By: Camilla Brandfield-Harvey

We're in for a long, hot summer. So to stave off heat stroke, we're bringing you our favorite summer treats each week as part of Frozen Friday, giving you the scoop on our favorite ice-cold recipes and party ideas to help you stay cool all summer long.

Mousse? Custard? Frozen yogurt? Pudding? Semifreddo is a little bit of everything. The Italians call it "half-cold" for a reason. With a cream base that you don't have to churn, it's farewell, ice cream maker and hello, freezer! Though it's quick and fairly easy, it's also exceptionally elegant to serve at dinner parties.

Here are six great diverse recipes, including a favorite from a Cooking Channel star. So whether you deem it mousse or pudding, this summer chiller is sure to please.

1.  Raspberry Chocolate Ripple Semifreddo: Bakers Royale spoons puréed raspberries and melted chocolate onto layers of vanilla cream for decadent flavor shots throughout (pictured above).

2. Passionfruit Semifreddo: Gourmet Traveller combines homemade vanilla-passionfruit syrup with egg whites and double cream, then folds in fresh passionfruit pulp for added fruit flavor and texture.

3. Hazelnut Semifreddo with Caramel Sauce: The Italian Dish prepares a hazelnut praline to fold in to the mixture of cream and egg whites, then tops the lot with nuts and warm caramel sauce.

4. Cherry Semifreddo with Cherry Orange Compote: Spoon Fork Bacon plumps dried cherry mixture with Kirschwasser meringue and cream, then tops the frozen semifreddo with a chunky cherry compote.

5. Biscoff Semifreddo: French Press mixes creamy cookie spread into the meringue and whipped cream, then spoons the mixture onto a crushed almond bottom to freeze.

Frame 178

Frame 178

Photo by: Matt Armendariz ©2013, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved.

Matt Armendariz, 2013, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved.

6. Semifreddo Cookies and Cream: Tyler uses a gingersnap base and middle filling for his creamy single-serving semifreddo, which is drizzled with salted caramel for a sweet-salty balance.

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