Today in Food Tech: Grill Cleaning Robot and Zero Gravity Cocktail Glass

The burgeoning bromance between food and technology continues unabated. Here are two more snazzy gadgets that make the walls between food and tech thinner than ever before.

First up, a grill cleaning robot. That's right. a robot whose entire purpose is to clean your dang grill. The appropriately named Grillbot really gets in there to get rid of that gristle and tofu bits (for the vegetarians.) Of course, not even the Grillbot can clean up the emotional mess you made after your seventh beer. Regardless, you can pick up your own for $130.

Next, a cocktail glass intended for use in outer space. Drinking from a cup or glass in zero G has long been known to be difficult. The solution? A bizarro-looking cocktail glass that uses capillary motion to get the alcohol-soaked good stuff to thirsty astronauts. You'll thank them later once the space tourism industry takes off.


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