Japanese Fast Food Chain Creates Chorizo-Based Cruller Burger

It's no secret the West likes to tinker with doughnuts, using them as buns for burgers, combining them with croissants and animating them in The Simpsons. However, Japan has one-upped us again. They have started doing some weird things with the doughnut's fancy-pants cousin, the cruller.

Japanese fast food chain Mos Burger just unveiled its French Cruller Burger. Instead of a beef patty, it features a chorizo patty. Still, it is meat shoved between two crullers, so that has got to count for something. Rounding out the sandwich are lettuce, tomatoes, onion and spicy chili sauce. Sounds like something one would eat by accident after "visiting Colorado," if you get the drift. Wink. Wink.

If porky pastries aren't your bag, they also have a dessert cruller sandwich, which features strawberry whipped cream, mango sauce, berry sauce and a big old hunk of chocolate.

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