Marijuana Coffee is Now a Thing Because Uppers and Downers Work So Well Together

Coffee is often the highlight of most mornings. It gets us perky and ready to embrace the day's coming tasks. Marijuana, however, is often the highlight of dorm room evening's, getting people drowsy and ready to embrace the night's coming snacks. Could these two chemically unbalanced foes ever see eye to eye? Well, maybe.

Introducing Legal, a marijuana coffee beverage by Mirth Provisions which will soon be sold in Washington. This cannabis-infused cold brew will slow your heart down and speed it up at the same exact time, which any cardiologist will tell you is exactly the way to do it. It comes in both plain and cream and sugared varieties. An 11.5 ounce bottle will set you back $9 or so, not including the episodes of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers you 'accidentally' download from the iTunes store.

The company also makes a series of other cannabis-infused drinks, including sparkling cherry, lemon ginger and pomegranate juices.


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