Pizza Hut Japan Creates Cheese-Crusted Pizza Topped With Marshmallows

The buddy cop movies of the 1980s worked because they usually featured one straight-laced cop and one over-the-top insane cop. Those two goofs should never have been made partners, but they somehow made it work. The same goes for the occasional oddball food item, like, say, a pizza that contains both cheese and marshmallows.

This curiosity comes to us via Pizza Hut Japan. The company has teamed up with Morinaga Milk Caramel to create a caramel and marshmallow pizza. Now, a dessert pizza is no big deal. Every run-of-the-mill $3.99 pizza buffet usually has one or two on offer. However, this particular dessert pizza mixes sweet and savory with utter aplomb. In other words, the crust is filled with cheddar cheese. Marshmallows, caramel drizzle and almond slivers round out the pie.

If you are near or in Japan and this sounds appealing, you had better act fast. This sweet/savory pie is only available until the end of June.

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