The Ramen Burrito

Repurposing ramen noodles into stuff  has become something of a fad lately. It all started, of course, with the infamous ramen burger that still causes lines around the block in Brooklyn. These fried noodles have since gone on to invade fries, pizza and more. What's next for ramen? Why, burritos of course.

The appropriately named Ramenritto is another NYC creation, this time hailing from Manhattan's West Village. A restaurant called the Presstea has created the oddity, and it's exactly what you are picturing in your head. A burrito gets stuffed to the gills with ramen noodles. There's also a protein of your choice in there, along with cheddar jack cheese, barbecue sauce, pickled onions, corn, pickled English cucumber and, for health, fresh greens. The noodles themselves are cooked in a lovely sounding cilantro and garlic-infused pork broth.

They'll also do it sans tortilla, if you are carb conscious and completely in the dark that ramen noodles are also a carb.


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