The Scoop: Ice Cream Blunders and Salt Interventions

By: Camilla Brandfield-Harvey

From start-up chefs to worlds without bees, here's a boiled down list of this week's headlines:

  • Don't Pass the Salt: The FDA plans to team up with food companies and restaurants to reduce Americans' high sodium intake.
  • Safety First: A Virginia law firm found that food trucks in seven US cities receive fewer health citations than restaurants.
  • To Share or Not to Share: The Huffington Post suggests than you not distribute your homemade ice cream. One adult's green tea mochi is another kid's grass.
  • Lunch Break: In-house chefs and food programs have become integral to Silicon Valley start-ups.
  • Where Would We Bee?: Whole Foods reveals what our culinary world would look like without pollinators. They're even hosting "Bee-Ins" tomorrow to teach people more.


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