These Gourmet Toothpicks Each Contain Two Different Classy Flavors

After a good meal, it's always good to use a toothpick to dislodge the soot from your poor, neglected teeth. However, what if you aren't done tasting things? Sure, you can always grab one of those cinnamon or spearmint toothpicks, but that's not food. That's not even dessert. Thank goodness a company understands this plight and is doing something about it.

Introducing Castor, a line of toothpicks that feature not one, but two gourmet flavors per pick. Each of each toothpick's two flavors are gastronomically paired to create a unique toothpicking sensation. Flavor combos include weirdness like raspberry and wasabi, habanero and honey and, uh, root beer and tree (really.) All told, there will be ten flavor combinations when the brand launches. Also, the toothpicks are designed so that the flavors last longer in your mouth, up to ten minutes.

These toothpicks aren't available for purchase as of yet. The makers have taken to Kickstarter to raise finishing funds. You can preorder your own for around nine bucks.

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