This Beverage Container Tracks and Records Everything You Drink

There has been a lot of talk recently of privacy, particularly when we are traversing that world wide web. However, as of right now, we still have nearly perfect privacy when it comes to imbibing beverages (unless there's a small camera in the roof of our mouths.) That may be changing soon, however. Here is a cup that tracks and records everything you drink.

It's called Vessyl and, contrary to the previous paragraph, it doesn't have any interest in spying on your water consumption (yet.) It's more about tracking and collating nutritional data so you can no longer lie to yourself that a milkshake with 2 percent milk is somehow healthy. It also keeps an eye on your hydration, which is important according to every doctor that has ever existed.

All of the information collected gets beamed to the smartphone of your choice for easy perusing (or ignoring.) You can pre-order one now for around $100.

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